YIANGMEN YIFENG MOULD INDUSTRIAL CO.,Ltd was established in 2007 and covers 5000 square meters.We have top mould technology and production ability to offer our clients  the comprehensive service, including the plastic mould design, making, assembly and the second deep processing, such as the moulding, painting, silk printing…

We have a professional plastic mould making team which composed of rich experiencedengineers ,CNC programmers and technicians. According to the clients’ requirement to provide drawing design, mould making, plastic injection products.

Our capacities:

1.    Mould design:having thededicated engineering department, the drawing of 3D Engineering designconnected with the machine computer

2.    Mould making: havinghigh-precision  3pcs CNC millings, 5pcsEDM , 2 deep drillings, and other different kinds of machines more than 50 pcs.Existing professional and technical staff of nearly 40 people.

3.    Plastic injection: 11pcs plasticmolding machines, production ability more than 200,000 pcs/day;

4.    Ultrasonic welding and silkprinting: we have the ultrasonic welding machine, silk printing machines, Padprinting machines, conveyor belt, drying oven to ensure the further deepprocessing;

5.    Quality control: our full QC andQA system to ensure the raw material, semi-finished products and finishedproducts can meet the clients’ requirement